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Every day the newspapers are filled with headlines related to joggers being attacked, businessmen being robbed or terrible burglaries that ended badly. Because of the violent environment we are living in, we feel the need to protect ourselves even more. This is the reason why the acquisition of a guard dog can't be done on a whim. We need to give it the time needed, do it consciously and build it in compliance with the animal.

Our protection dogs are trained in a different and innovative way, devoid of aggression and violence. The provided education is based primarily on an extensive research and a careful selection of your future companion. As a young adult, he was chosen according to strict criteria: his natural ability to protect, his innate ability to learn and to understand the complex situations he will face.

Then everything is matter of attachment to his trainer and his masters. Games and patience will allow that obedience and protection, that come as a second nature for the young recruit, become a successfully mastered talent.

Polyglot dog

To serve you better, we can practice this learning process in the language of the future country of adoption or the master's language: English, German, Italian and Spanish.

The primary objective of EDPI, after four to five months of intensive education always in a warm and family environment, is to give you "the dog of your dreams". The purpose of the training will have been developed according to your own needs, with attention to detail, defensive effectiveness, obedience and adaptability. He will be a great companion, a protector for your family and especially for your children.

From care to training

During this crucial period, EDPI also ensures that the animal is healthy by providing all the necessary care that is essential for his well being and health (vaccines, a balanced diet, socialization, physical exercises...), then, so that the integration of your new bodyguard to your lifestyle is perfect, EDPI offers you coaching and training that will allow you and the animal to strongly build this nascent relationship, guaranteeing you all-proof protection and family and social complicity.

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