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Everything started with my passion for dogs. A love for the canine species that goes back all the way to my childhood! Then came the learning process and the professional practices in full complicity with the animal. I have been training dogs for protection and safety for over 15 years. Now, as founder and leader of the EDPI Company, I give you the best protection dog.

EDPI meets several demands: the acquisition of a top quality animal and the training of your companion.For EDPI, a top quality dog is one that has all the attributes. He provides security, he is happy to keep you company, to serve you and protect you. He is also able to live serenely and harmoniously in your home.

EDPI offers its services internationally. Everywhere in the world, I come to meet you with my team. After a personalized diagnosis, I set up the learning programs that best suit your needs. Whether it is a request related to your profession or to your lifestyle.

For EDPI, professionalism is above all the art of custom-made work !

Laurent Botiuk
Cynophile and EDPI Founder

The EDPI Difference

What is our strength and what makes us different? To begin with, we could highlight the fact that we import the best dogs in Europe and the fact that we spend more than anyone else to buy them. However, our main difference lies elsewhere!

What sets us apart can be divided in 5 key points:
  • Training;
  • The sense of service;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Work monitoring;
  • Availability.

Well beyond what the dog can prove on our training ground, what matters to us is what he can do for you, how he will become a part of your home and evolve harmoniously with you during your daily life.

Our specialized training programs make the difference, all the difference!
And our sense of service begins with our desire to thoroughly understand your specific needs: your lifestyle and your personal preferences.

Once your needs are defined, we customize the training so that your dog fully meets your expectations from the first day, with loyalty and enthusiasm.

We say : "No to amateurism"

A multitude of companies created and led by pseudo trainers bloom everywhere and sell so-called "trained dogs"... We would rather say that it is an amateur mass production of trained dogs following outdated and inappropriate methods and without taking the time needed to train the animal! In brief, these practices are dangerous in the short or medium term.

EDPI says no and is strongly against these practices.

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