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EDPI trainers travel everywhere in France and abroad to train or to reinforce the skills of cynophile teams that belong to public and private services and also to those that belong to individuals.
These training courses are intended for people who already have a protection dog and wish to become aware of their potential and/or to optimize their skills.
These audits and trainings are only valid for dog breeds authorized to bite.


EDPI provides government approved training (ACCD). This diploma course is intended for company employees that do not have the compulsory card of cynophile officer and for beginners in the sector as the first essential approach to the profession.

This training provides the necessary knowledge of the physiological and behavioral characteristics of the dog and training sessions that allow the user to be in total osmosis with his animal during his future missions.


In France and throughout Europe, EDPI has a genuine advisory role and carries out cynophile teams’ audits in the public or private sector. In order to be more efficient, our intervention with the couples occurs at the place of practice, in order to be truly subjected to the actual conditions of the work and its characteristics.

Dogs that are already pros.

EDPI is, of course, also able to provide intervention dogs to accompany cynophile agents in the private industry, the administration, the police or the army and more generally in all the professions related to guarding, surveillance and policing.

Our rates

EDPI rates vary according to the previous training that your dog has received. Indeed, there are three levels of training in terms of canine training for surveillance and protection dogs. This level is to be defined according to your requirements. The range of our rates is thus between €4,000 and €25,000 payable in three installments.

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